Temporary Employment


Recruitment of candidates for temporary employment (ETT)

Constant Group, specialised in Human Resources management, offers the service of recruiting candidates for temporary employment (ETT), quickly providing a very close relationship with the client.

Having our own recruitment department and 30 years’ experience has allowed us to gain in-depth knowledge of each sector and to get to know what the profiles required by each type of client should be.

Constant Group’s company dedicated to offering Temporary Employment contracts, Personal 7, we offer a comprehensive service that includes recruitment, evaluation, selection and hiring of qualified professionals in temporary employment, considering that there are peak workloads.

Specialised in sectors:

Constant Group’s years of experience in offering temporary employment resources has allowed us to specialise in a range of diverse sectors such as logistics and transport, industrial, commercial, hotel and catering.

This allows us to offer a quality service by gaining in-depth knowledge of the client’s needs and being aware of which profile to select.

Why hire ETT from Constant Group?

Proximity. 24/7 availability for any emergency

We are located throughout Spain, including the islands, with more than 30 branches. Internationally, we are in the Czech Republic and Portugal. The result: being close to you, working in an agile manner and creating a relationship of trust between our client and Personal 7.

Maximum hiring capacity in peak workloads

Our in-house team of recruitment specialists have the ability to quickly select and recruit the necessary resources during peak workloads.

Optimal technological resources

Personal 7 carries out the entire recruitment process digitally through web-based systems and applications. In addition, our own IT department is constantly innovating and developing applications to facilitate management.

Employee stability

Personal 7 has its own team for candidate selection and the resilience of this staff generates optimum confidence among clients, allowing to speed up the search process.

National presence and International

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Central Offices

Barcelona: Avinguda Diagonal, 523, Edificio Atalaya, Planta 21

Madrid: C/ Alfonso Gómez, 42C / C.P 28037

Lisboa: Rua Manuel de Jesus Coelho, nº4, 4º Andar, 1150-220

National Offices

Alicante / Barcelona / Ibiza / Las Palmas / Madrid

Málaga / Murcia / Palma de Mallorca / Sevilla

Tarragona / Tenerife / Valencia / Zaragoza